2D Lighted Crystal Frame

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Reflections Series Lighted Frame 

We all love hanging pictures of our loved ones on the wall, but what if there was a better option to show off your favorite family photos? Our Reflections Series gives you a unique and innovative way to keep memories alive in your home! If you’re looking for an alternative to paper photos, a 2D Crystal with a built-in lighted frame for etched glass is the perfect solution to make your pictures pop! 

Do you have several images you’d like to showcase together? Our 2D units are connectable, so you can power up to five from the same outlet, allowing you to arrange them beautifully on your wall or desk. You’ll love coming home to the gorgeously illuminated faces of your friends and family smiling back at you from a 2D picture frame display!

2D Lighted Crystal Photo Frame 

Want to show off your best pictures in style? Our 2D Reflections Series hanging and standing units are the perfect way to honor a special memory. Each one consists of a laser-engraved crystal (7.8” x 7.8” x 0.3”) encased in a sleek LED component (9.9” x 7.9” x 1.4”). They also come with 27 color settings and three brightness modes so that you can customize your display!



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